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                2016-07-08 16:49:26

                  一、用所給詞的適當形式填空(共 5 分,每小題 1 分)  1.Today is her _____ (nine) birthday.  2. When spring _____ (come), the animals that sleep in winter start waking up.  3. Doctors often tell us _____ (drink) more water every day.  4. He made me ____ (draw) a picture for you.  5. Our school (hold) a sports meeting next week, isn’t it?  二、單項選擇(共 15 分,每小題 1 分)  1. --- does Julia go to work every day?  ---She walks to the bus stop, then takes the bus.  A. How far B .How long C. How often D. How  2. I live at school. So I often go home Friday afternoon.  A. in B. at C. on D. /  3. ---Can you go to the mall with me this Sunday?  --- Sure, .  A. I’d love to B. I’m sorry , I can’t C. OK D. Oh, no  4. My mother often ______ after supper with my sister .  A. is taking a walk B. take walk C. takes walks D. takes a walk  5. ---How often does Tom play football?  ---____. He doesn't like football.  A.often B.always C.Hardly ever D.Every day  6. I finished ______ my homework and then I had a rest .  A do B doing C does D did  7.. ---_______________?  ---It's September 10th.  A.What time is it? B.What's the weather like?  C.What day is it today? D.What is the date today?  8. _____ takes us ten minutes _____ to school every day.  A That , to walk B It , walking C This , walking D It , to walk  9.There ____ a sports meeting last week.

                  A .be B. is C. was D. had  10. Are you thinking about _______a long vacation ?  A take B to take C taking D took  11.He needs ____ breakfast every day.  A.to eat B.eat C.eating D.eats  12. I will go to Canada next year.  A.sometime B.sometimes C.some time D.some times  13. I’m hungry. Would you please give me ______to eat?  A. delicious something B. something delicious C. anything delicious D. nothing delicious  14. There is _______snow in Harbin .  A .a lot B .too many C .too much D .much too  15. _______he was ill , ______he still went to school .  A .Because , so B .Although , but C .Because , / D .Although , /  三、句型轉換(共 10 分,每空 1 分)

                  1. He watches TV twice a week. ( 就劃線部分提問)

                  ______ ________ does he watch TV?

                  2. She should go to the party. (變為否定句)

                  She _______ go to the party.

                  3. They had to visit their parents last week. (變為一般疑問句)

                  _______ they _______ to visit their parents last week?  4. The teacher went home after the students were safe. (變為同義句)  The teacher ______________ ______________ home _____________ the students  were safe.  5. She began to learn the piano at the age of five. (變為同義句)  She began to learn the piano she five.  四、 完型填空(共 15 分,每小題 1 分)  Mrs Jack was always 1 lots of time and money in 2 the shopping.

                  It was winter, Mrs. Jack wanted to do a lot of shopping, she waited 3 it was  Saturday when her husband was 4 , and she 5 him to the shops with her and  6 for everything. They went to a lot of shops and supermarkets, and Mrs. Jack 7

                  a lot of things, and Mr. Jack certainly had to 8 all these things. Mrs. Jack often  9 and said, "Look, Jack! 10 that beautiful! "He then answered, "All right, dear.  How 11 is it? " and took his money out to pay for it. It was dark when they came out  of the last 12 and Mr. Jack was so 13 that he didn't stop 14 about those  things. Suddenly his wife looked up and said, "Look at that beautiful moon, Joe!" Without  15 , Mr. Jack answered, "All right, dear, How much is it?"  ( ) 1. A. spent B. spending C. spend D. to spend  ( ) 2. A. do B. doing C. does D. did  ( ) 3. A. for B. when C. until D. because  ( ) 4. A. busy B. working C. free D. out  ( ) 5. A. took B. brought C. let D. showed  ( ) 6. A. sold B. bought C. saw D. paid  ( ) 7. A. sold B. carried C. bought D. paid  ( ) 8. A. give B. catch C. find D. carry  ( ) 9. A. stopped B. asked C. went D. walked  ( ) 10. A. Isn't B. Doesn't C. Aren't D. Don't  ( ) 11. A. many B. much C. beautiful D. dear  ( ) 12. A. money B. cinema C. shop D. hour  ( ) 13. A. tired B. sad C. happy D. sorry  ( ) 14. A. to think B. thinking C. thought D. think  ( ) 15. A. to think B. thinking C. think D. thought  五、 補全對話(共 5 分,每小題 1 分)  從方框中的句子中找出最恰當的句子填入對話中,使對話完整、通順。其中有兩句是多余 的。

                  A. How are you going to do that?  B. Where are you going to take singing lessons?  C. I want to be a singer.  D. I like Jay Chou very much.  E. I'm going to start next week.  F. Are you going to sing country music?  G. I began learning singing when I was 6.

                  A: What are you going to be when you leave school?  B: __________________________  A: ___________________________  B: No. I'm not. I'm going to sing Jazz music.  A: __________________________  B: I'm going to take singing lessons.  A: When are you going to start?  B: _____________________  A: _______________________  B: In New York.

                  六、A)根據漢語提示寫出單詞的正確形式(共 10 分,每小題 1 分)  1. What are the ___________ (不同點)between your sister and you?  2. It’s___________(傳統的)to eat moon cakes on Mid-autumn Day in china.  3. I’m sorry to you. (打擾)  4. What’s your favorite_________(節目).It’s Animal World.  5. Edison is a great . (發明家)   B)根據句意及首字母填入所缺單詞的正確形式  6. He’s not very h__________ than someone, although he has a good eating habit.  7.Beijing is in the n_________ of China.  8.What is he doing for v____________? He is going fishing.  9. Thanks for your i to have dinner, but I can’t come.  10. Lucy and Lily have opposite views and i . Lucy likes staying in and reading,  but Lily likes going out and meeting people.  七.閱讀理解(共 30 分,每小題 2 分)  A Polly’s family had just moved to Tampines. They had a new house there. Polly liked  her new house. It was bigger than the old one. But she was not happy about having to go  to a new school. Her old school was too far away. Polly had many friends in the old school.  She did not know anyone in the new school.  On her first day, Polly was very shy. She did not talk to anyone in the class. She sat at  the back of the class. She did not feel very happy. Mrs Sarip, the class teacher, asked  Julie to take Polly to the bookshop to buy some exercise books. Julie held Polly’s hand  and took her downstairs. On the way, Julie told Polly about the teacher and the other  children in the class. She made Polly laugh. By the time they came back to the classroom,  they had become good friends.  When it was rest time, Polly made other friends too. Soon, Polly had many friends and  was happy in her new school.  1. Polly had to go to a new school because the old one was __________.  A. too far away B. in Tampines C. too small D. near her house  2. Polly was not happy about __________.  A. the new house B. the old school C. the new school D. her new  friends  3. At first, Polly did not __________.  A. have any class B. talk to anyone C. go to school D. have a teacher  4. Mrs Sarip asked Julie to take Polly to the bookshop because Julie is a __________.  A. friendly girl B. busy girl C. new girl D. salesgirl in the bookshop  5. By the end of the day, Polly __________.  A. went back to her old house B. made some new friends  C. felt as bad as before D. went back to her old school

                  B  Patrick never does homework. “Too boring,” he says. He always plays baseball and  basketball after school. His teachers tell him, “Patrick! Do your homework, or you can’t  learn anything.” But what can he do? He hates homework.

                  One day, his cat was playing with a little “doll”. He found it wasn’t a doll at all, but a man  of the smallest size. The man called, “Save me! Don’t give me back to that cat. I have  magic. I will help you if you save me!”

                  How lucky he was! Here was the answer to all of his problems. So he said, “If you help  me to do my homework until the last day of school, I will get good grades.” The man  agreed. He began to do Patrick’s homework. The man didn’t always know what to do and  he needed help. “Help me! Help me!” he said. And Patrick had to help. Day after day,  Patrick had to work harder.  Finally the last day of school arrived and the man was free to go. As for homework,  Patrick didn’t hate doing it any more. Patrick got his A’s. His teachers and classmates  were all surprised. Who really helped Patrick?  6. Patrick likes __________ after school.  A. doing sports B. doing some reading  C. doing his homework D. learning things  7. Why did Patrick get the small man’s help?  A. Because Patrick gave him a cat. B. Because Patrick helped him play with the  cat.  C. Because Patrick saved him. D. Because Patrick gave him lots of money.  8. What does the sentence “Patrick got his A’s” mean?  A. It means “Patrick got the teachers’ help”. B. It means “Patrick got good grades”.  C. It means “Patrick got more friends”. D. It means “Patrick got more problems”.  9. Which of the following is not true?  A. Patrick never hates doing his homework.  B. The man sometimes didn’t know what to do when he helped Patrick.  C. The man didn’t go until the last day of school.  D. Patrick finally started to like doing homework.  10. From the passage, we can know ____________.  A. the man liked to play with the cat  B. the man never helped Patrick do his homework  C. Patrick’s classmates always helped him do his homework  D. in fact, Patrick helped himself  C  Most people have ambitions. An ambition is something we want to do, want to be or  want to have. A student’s ambition, for example, might be to pass his or her exams and  then get a good job. An athlete’s ambition could be to win an important competition. A  businessman’s ambition is usually to make a lot of money.

                  Not all ambitions are about success at work, however. Some people just want to be  good people, have a family or help others.  Ben’s ambition is to be a sports writer. He writes the sports reports for his class  newspaper. He likes most sports, and swimming and football are his favorites. Trudy’s  ambition is to be a concert pianist. She is very serious about it and practices every day  with her best friend Lily. It is very important to her.  Harry’s ambition changes every day! One day he wants to be an astronaut. The next  day he wants to be a pop singer. The next day he wants to drive a racing car. His mother  would be happy if his ambition was to get up in time for school every day!  11. What’s an ambition?  12. What’s a student’s ambition?  13. Does Ben want to be a music writer?  14. Are all the ambitions about success at work?  15. Does Harry get up in time for school every day?  八.寫作(10 分)根據中文大意,寫出意思連貫、符合邏輯、不少于 60 詞的短文。所給 英文提示詞語供選用。  新的一年新的學期已經開始了,同學們一定有很多想法。請以日記的形式,介紹自己在學習、 身體、家務勞動、旅游等方面的計劃,并針對自身的不足之處,說說你打算怎么做。(日記 的開頭已經給出,其字數不計入所完成的短文內。)  提示詞語:study hard, read, healthy food, exercise, help, chores, at home, travel  March 25th, 2012 Sunday  Now, it’s the year of 2012. I have a new plan for the New Year. I am going to  ________

                  _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________


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